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Hello and welcome!

Our names are Mary and Tom and we are avid gardeners, eco-thusiasts, and cancer survivors.

Mary, who’s the girl in Garden like a Girl, has been a financial entrepreneur for 20+ years managing her own company for most of that. Her focus has been to help people plan for a bright future and a comfortable retirement. Tom, on the other hand, is the eco-product geek, who has spent 20+ years on product creation in the sports industry focusing on performance gloves, footwear, and apparel.

Being an avid gardener, Mary has “wear tested” virtually every garden glove made and found they fit poorly, don’t protect her nails, never keep dirt out, and always develop holes in the finger tips.

With no quality gloves available in the market we decided to combine our talents and create a company focused on a woman’s specific needs for fit, feel, and performance. That decision led to the creation of Garden like a Girl, and we’ll focus on creating great product, being earth conscious, and giving back to cancer research.

Here’s to digging deep!
Mary & Tom

Our Team

Mary Garlock, The "Girl" in Garden like a Girl
Mary Garlock
The "girl"
Tom Garlock, glove and product geek team member
Tom Garlock
Glove & Product Geek
Addie, social chairman team member
Social Chairman
McKenzie, Chief of Security, team member
Chief of Security