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Mary & Tom Garlock are avid gardeners, eco-thusiasts and cancer survivors. Mary (the 'girl' ) is a financial entrepreneur w/ 20 years experience. Tom's a product geek w/ 20 years experience in performance gloves, footwear & apparel. Garden like a Girl is focused on a woman’s specific needs for FIT, FEEL & PERFORMANCE.

Garden like a Girl was born out of frustration. This frustration was caused by the simple fact that Mary was unable to find garden gloves that fit. Sure, there are several companies in the market delivering so called “woman’s products” but most are merely a sized down men’s version, especially in gloves. Recognizing the specific fit problems that most woman face we dedicated ourselves to creating product solutions to enhance your outdoor garden experience.

When your garden gloves and gear don’t work, it can be very frustrating!

Our goal is to remove that distraction and allow you to head out into the yard, hit your knees, do some good dirt grubbing, and most importantly, nourish your soul!

Grub on little Grasshopper!