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Collecting and recycling bottles that then get turned into thread for making our apparel. Photo shows bottle and its recyclable components.
Commitment to premium quality always starts with using great materials. Combining great materials with our core value to be part of the solution allows us to focus on helping alleviate the plastic mess we’ve created. Whether it’s a floating island in the ocean, or dumped in a landfill, plastic is not gong away any time soon.

To do our part, Garden Garb Apparel fabrics are made from 50% recycled plastic bottles. Our process gathers used plastic bottles, cleans, color sorts, washes, and then shreds the bottles into small flakes. These flakes are then melted and extruded into fibers used to create polyester yarn which is woven with other materials into the fabrics we use.

The other materials we rely on are organic cotton, upcycled cotton scraps, and TENCEL™ Modal (beech trees). By combining these materials, we can produce apparel that uses less oil and water, eliminates the use of pesticides, gives scraps a new life, and focuses on sustainably managed natural resources that will live on for generations.