Gloves for 'Ruggedly Feminine' gardeners that FIT, PROTECT, And LAST!

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What motivated us

We LOVE to Garden. To us, it is a special form of therapy. But it is difficult to find your 'Garden Zen' when you are wearing gloves that don't fit, have blown out fingertips, allow dirt in, and wear out quickly. So, after hearing the same problems from other passionate female gardeners we decided to break the status quo and create women's garden gloves that FIT, PROTECT, & LAST!

  • We Fit

    We measured hundreds of 'Ruggedly Feminine' gardeners hands and created our own unique glove pattern. To provide the best FIT we also offer 2 finger lengths (no one else does that).

  • We last

    We chose natural and recycled materials that are durable and LAST. Our wrap-over finger tip design made with KEVLAR reinforced material won't blow out.

  • we protect

    By using tightly woven mesh and a adjustable wristband we PROTECT your hands from dirt. We PROTECT your palm with padding placed in the usual hot spots.

  • We give back

    As survivors & gardeners it's important for us to GIVE BACK. We donate 10% of profits to cancer research and make all decisions from a an eco-friendly point-of-view. 

our sustainable apparel

Our T-shirts and Hoodies are made from recycled plastic bottles, natural fibers, up-cycled cotton and produced by sustainably focused partners.

  • Women's Fit

    Shaped specifically for a feminine, fashion fit, with a slightly longer body which helps protect your lower back from playing peek-a-boo with the sun.

  • 50% Recycled Bottles

    Using 50% recycled plastic bottles for our fabric saves energy, uses less water, and helps improve air quality.

  • Natural Material

    Utilizing 25% US organic ring spun cotton saves water and removes the need for pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides.

  • Sustainable Materials

    Our T-shirts are made of 25% beech trees from sustainable wood sources and sustainably managed forests helping to provide a better tomorrow.


Our partners for T-shirts and sweatshirts are 16Bottles, AllMade, and Recover Brands. All three are focused on sustainability, finding ways to help both local and global communities, and carrying the eco-friendly/socially responsible message to others.

Garden Garb Apparel- photo of t-shirt hanging on a line in a garden passage

Premium Quality

Our promise - we will always strive to provide premium quality. We will use ethical production and sustainable materials as our benchmarks, while focusing on the ideal form, fit, and function.  

Giving Back

We work on Giving Back every day. Whether it's through our sustainable practices, focusing on eco-friendly materials, or donating 10% of our net profits to the American Cancer Society* we try to keep our hearts and our minds on doing the right next thing.

*The American Cancer Society does not support or endorse any service or product.