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Women's Garden Gloves

As a gardener there’s nothing more frustrating than gloves that let dirt in and don’t fit! So, we started from scratch looking for the best natural materials and designed a woman’s garden glove that keeps the dirt out, protects fingertips, and fits like a glove!

  • fits Women's hands

    Women's hands are different so we created a women's specific pattern that FITS!

  • KEVLAR reinforced

    Finger tips are the first thing that blows out. Why not reinforce them? 

  • Dirt Not welcome

    Dirt belongs in the garden not in your gloves. From our wrist closure system to materials dirt stays OUT!

  • We give back

    Cancer affects so many as we know too well. To help, we donate 10% of our profits to cancer research. 

Keeps dirt out!

How? With an adjustable wrist closure that blocks dirt/mulch from getting in. By using a tightly woven mesh that breathes but still keeps dirt out.  With a wrap-over fingertip design made of a durable KEVLAR material eliminating holes.  If you are tired of bulk gloves that leave your hands feeling neglected then read on!

all natural goatskin

Goatskin is an ideal glove material because it breathes, molds to the hand, is washable, and is very durable. It also contains natural lanolin oil which keeps it soft even after repeated use. Best of all, goatskin resists thorns/punctures allowing you to get after those rose bushes with confidence.


Our wrap-over design on all fingers eliminates a seam which is one of the first places most gloves blow-out. We chose durable KEVLAR® material to reinforce the thumb, index, and middle fingers from developing holes.  A contoured shape protects fingernails from getting trashed.

The wait is almost over!

WEEDIES are available for pre-order!  Expected delivery is 3/1/2020.  Just in time for Spring!


We eliminated the primary point-of-entry for dirt and mulch with our adjustable wrist closure system. The wide elastic band, made from recycled materials, supports and protects the wrist from fatigue. The hook-and-loop adjustable leather tab snugly accommodates any wrist size.


Being cancer survivors, we take our ribbons seriously, so we integrated them into our design as functional elements not afterthought ornaments. The ribbon creates a padded palm that protects your hands from repeated contact and provides a mesh window on the back of hand for breathability.

Recycled materials

The mesh and elastic fabrics we use come from 100% recycled materials. We believe it is our responsibility to utilize eco-friendly materials whenever possible. One of our mantra's is recycle, reuse, reduce. We'll always work to do our part to promote a better tomorrow.

Shirts you can feel good about

Our shirts are made from recycled bottles & sustainable natural fibers, and produced in Haiti by makers earning a living wage.

  • Women's Fit

    Shaped specifically for a feminine, fashion fit, with a slightly longer body which helps protect your lower back from playing peek-a-boo with the sun.

  • 50% Recycled Bottles

    Using 50% recycled plastic bottles for our fabric saves energy, uses less water, and helps improve air quality.

  • Natural Material

    Utilizing 25% US organic ring spun cotton saves water and removes the need for pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides.

  • Sustainable Materials

    Our T-shirts are made of 25% beech trees from sustainable wood sources and sustainably managed forests helping to provide a better tomorrow.


Our partners for T-shirts and sweatshirts are 16Bottles, AllMade, and Recover Brands. All three are focused on sustainability, finding ways to help both local and global communities, and carrying the eco-friendly/socially responsible message to others.

Garden Garb Apparel- photo of t-shirt hanging on a line in a garden passage

Premium Quality

Our promise - we will always strive to provide premium quality. We will use ethical production and sustainable materials as our benchmarks, while focusing on the ideal form, fit, and function.  

Giving Back

We work on Giving Back every day. Whether it's through our sustainable practices, focusing on eco-friendly materials, or donating 10% of our net profits to the American Cancer Society* we try to keep our hearts and our minds on doing the right next thing.

*The American Cancer Society does not support or endorse any service or product.