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We created Garden like a Girl at the end of 2018 with the goal to design women’s gardening gloves that FIT perfectly and were made from eco-friendly natural and recycled materials. Based on personal experience, and feedback from hundreds of ‘Ruggedly Feminine’ gardeners, we discovered that the gloves in the market fit poorly, quickly developed holes in the fingertips, allowed dirt in, did not protect fingernails, and many women needed wrist support. Our market research also showed that women with longer ‘piano fingers’ had no option for gloves at all. With these specific needs in mind, we set out and created WEEDIES gardening gloves that are designed to FIT, PROTECT, and built to LAST.

We also wanted to create a company that was focused on giving back. As cancer survivors this was critically important to us, so we donate 10% of net profits to cancer research and give back to Our Planet by using only sustainable materials and manufacturing partners.


Our Team

Mary Garlock, The "Girl" in Garden like a Girl
Mary Garlock
The "girl"
Tom Garlock, glove and product geek team member
Tom Garlock
Glove & Product Geek
Addie, social chairman team member
Social Chairman
McKenzie, Chief of Security, team member
Chief of Security